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About Us

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An Oklahoma based developer, Spectacular Homes, is bringing a unique concept of Luxury Downsizing to Broken Arrow called Rabbit Run.  It is conveniently located at 101st and 129th near the Creek Turnpike, St Francis South and the new Warren Theatre.  A 27-acre gated neighborhood offering beautifully designed single story homes featuring curvilinear streets, walking trails, stocked lake and plenty of common ground features that will make it a local treasure.  The goal of the overall design concept and limited number of lots available is to make the subdivision feel like its own community and the benefits that brings.


With each client, we get to know their desires and needs to design a floor plan that fits them. We are a custom home builder with a more sensible approach. Bob Maddox is a Tulsa Native and has over 50 years in the real estate business from developing neighborhoods to upscale ski resorts. We go the extra mile for our clients during the design phase and customize a floor plan just for them!


What We Do

As your family changes, the larger homes are no longer needed and generally become a hassle to maintain. Many of our buyers have been saddled with large, expensive to own and maintain homes that no longer fit their lifestyle. Spectacular Homes builds your family the home that fits your new lifestyle through luxury detailing, quality features, security and privacy, and low maintenance.

Spectacular Homes | Logo

Meet the Team

 Our team composes creativity through architecture, home development and every day operations with exceptional customer relations.

Brad Hoffman

General Manager

Brad Hoffman is an architect/designer who’s experience includes master planned communities, mixed-use development, retail, residential neighborhoods, urban design, hospitality/resort projects and residential landscaping. With over eighteen years experience as a landscape architect, Brad understands the value of balancing economics, culture, environment, and creativity on his projects and conveying this to clients. This experience has given him keen insight into development design, financing opportunities, project standards, project zoning, marketing, and all aspects of what makes a project successful. Brad always looks at each project as a unique challenge with its own set of problems, solutions and opportunities. His creative mind and approach provides solutions that work. He has proven these talents over the past eighteen years with a successful career and many satisfied clients.

Robert “Bob” Maddox


Robert “Bob” Maddox has been completely immersed in Real Estate since building his first “spec” home in 1963.  During his 50 years of real estate experience he thought he had seen it all.  R. Bob has done it all—Custom and speculative home construction, sales & brokerage, raw land development, government-assisted housing, commercial development, hotels & resorts, floor plan design and interior decorating.  Yet recently, he discovered (or uncovered) a real estate “niche” which he has never developed and apparently others have not appropriately identified.


While conducting open houses on a condominium project he was selling, Bob observed an astounding trend from talking to would-be buyers.  One-after-another, buyer-after-buyer repeatedly asked for the same product.  Reluctantly he had to answer that not only did he not have any inventory of what they were seeking, but was shocked to learn that literally no one was selling that type of product!  Week-by-week the requests kept coming.  In fact, it became a game to him; as new buyers would enter his open houses he would tease them by saying, “I know just what you are looking for before you even tell me” and then proceeded to list off the description, floor plan and features of the house for which they were looking!  Buyers would drop their jaw in amazement and exclaim, “Yes, please tell me where those are located!”


Always an identifier of trends, Bob began to investigate and soon his curiosity evolved into detailed due diligence. Months of driving, calling and researching revealed that this demand simply had no supply! In fact, not a single like-kind project could be found in the entire metropolitan Oklahoma City market. He was astounded.


Our Common Sense approach to floorplan design is to minimize wasted space saving our client’s money now and well into the future.  The home design must also have longevity with beautiful finishes and details that are aesthetically pleasing for years to come. At Spectacular Homes, we call this Sensible Luxury and nothing less will do.