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Staying Healthy This Winter

Staying Healthy This Winter

Do you know the most germ infected places you come in contact daily? This time of the year, it seems we are all trying to stay healthy! Today, we are going to look at a few of the germiest places around and hopefully help you rethink your plan to stay healthy! Spectacular Homes wants to help you live your best retirement life here in Tulsa! We not only offer great retirement living options, we want you to be happy and healthy.

Your home can be a breeding ground for all kinds of germs. It is best practice to remove your shoes and leave them in the garage or entry way, before tracking in germs from the outside world. Tracking in all kinds of gunk is easy to do, when you wear your shoes on carpet and rugs. It’s just best to take them off and stay awhile.

Your kitchen is one of the worst spots for germs in your home. The kitchen sink, kitchen sponge, counters and even the refrigerator door handles can harbor some serious germs. Use antibacterial wipes or a mixture of bleach and water to disinfect this popular area of the home.

Your belongings. If you wash your hands thoroughly and then grab your purse of cellphone, you are probably defeating the purpose. In multiple studies, cell phones contain around 100,000 different bacteria! They have become our constant companions, at the table, in the restroom, in the office, and they seldom ever get cleaned. A simple wipe down with a rubbing alcohol wipe can go a long way to help stop the spread of germs through our cell phones. Women’s purses are also very susceptible to germs. The bottom of a woman’s hand bag is often the dirtiest, since it is placed in shopping carts and at the floor of restrooms. It is a germ magnet and one that rarely gets cleaned.

Restaurants. Believe it or not, the germiest place at most restaurants is the menu! It is something everyone touches! On average 185,000 bacteria has been found on an average menu. The restrooms are usually professionally cleaned and maintained, but also keep an eye out for dirty seats and chairs. They often get overlooked when staff is cleaning tables.

Grocery Stores. E. coli bacteria has been found on half of the shopping carts, when tested! It could be from raw meat, babies’ diapers, etc. Most stores offer wipes to disinfect their carts when you enter their store. Take one! It only takes a few seconds to wipe away those pesky germs!

Washing your hands is one key component to staying healthy this cold and flu season, but don’t forget about all the hidden germs looming all around. Use common sense, and try to avoid touching your nose, eyes or mouth with your hands. These tips can help you and your loved ones stay healthy!

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